Our Story

ByTheUnit was built by a working dad from Massachusetts. It grew from an idea when his first child was born and he ended up tripling his coffee consumption. He found himself re-ordering Keurig K cups from Amazon on a bi-weekly basis. He grew frustrated when searching on Amazon and receiving tons of responses from various vendors for various package quantities and prices. He ended up creating a spreadsheet with quantity, price, and vendor in order to calculate the price per K cup. Realizing that there must be a better way, the idea was born to create a website to query Amazon and return the most inexpensive items sorted on a price per unit basis. When sharing the idea with family & friends, it was evident that this wouldn't only apply to K cups, it would apply to anything that was sold in bulk. There is money to be saved on things such as garbage bags, diapers, razor blades, paper towels, batteries, toilet paper, vitamins, protein powder, shampoo, and perfume (just to name a few)!

Contact Us

We can be reached at bret@bytheunit.com.